Hundreds Protest Outside Trump Tower in Response to “Nasty Woman” Comments

Protesters Assetou Traore and Fatim Ba outside Trump Tower on Wednesday

NEW YORK — Hundreds of people protested outside Trump Tower on 5th Avenue Wednesday to rebuke republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for referring to democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as a “nasty woman” during the final presidential debate last week. The protest was organized by the National Organization for Women, a prominent women’s group, and urged women to “grab Trump by the ballot!”.

Protesters swarmed the sidewalk outside the main entrance to Trump Tower, holding signs with slogans like “Nasty Women Protest!” and “No More Rape!”, while chants such as “Nasty women raise your voice, Donald Trump is not our choice!” rang out.

A few Trump supporters holding signs praising Trump and calling for Clinton’s imprisonment shouted insults in return, but were mainly drowned out by the protesters, who remained in the area for around an hour.

One protester, Fatim Ba, a member of NOW, who was holding a “Dump Trump” sign and wearing a Hillary 2016 cap, was appalled by Trump’s comment at the recent debate.

“We’re coming to show support.” she said. “At the last presidential debate [Donald Trump] called Hillary Clinton a ‘nasty woman’. Everything was fine until he opened his mouth and said ‘nasty woman’.”

Protester Arthur Lundquist outside Trump Tower on Wednesday

But it wasn’t just women at the protest either. Arthur Lundquist, a secretary with NOW, was one of several men in attendance. In his hands was a sign declaring that “Nasty Women Vote” and he said he was mainly looking to get involved.

“I’m out here because I favor Hillary Clinton for president, and I wanted to come out for a little, for a little march.” said Lundquist. He also said that he didn’t recognize many people, meaning that the protest had drawn more than just members of NOW, but people from other groups as well.

And while the vast majority of protesters were indeed Clinton supporters, some of those from other groups were not. A young woman who said her name was Void and identified herself as a member of the NYC Revolution Club, an small anti-establishment organization, was there to protest Trump, but also voiced her displeasure with the democratic nominee.

“[Trump’s] a fascist, you know? This dude represents, you know, a whole force of people that are coming out the woodworks. They’ve always been there, but they’re being represented by this orange, crazy lunatic.” she said, but then continued, “But you know what? We’re also saying that Hillary isn’t the answer either… to think that she’d actually have answers is denying, you know, actually the facts and the, you know, the reality of the whole situation.”

This was not the first protest at Trump Tower that NOW as organized. Fatim Ba, the NOW member with the “Dump Trump” sign, said that this was her fourth protest of this fashion. Ba is also getting involved in other ways, saying that she planned to head to Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn later in the day to do work on the phone banks.

Protesters outside Trump Tower on Wednesday

The election, to be held on November 8th, is now less than 2 weeks away and Hillary Clinton has pulled out to a solid 6 point lead over Donald Trump in the polls. This comes in the wake of three subpar debate performances from Trump, as well as the release of a 2005 tape that featured the republican nominee making lewd comments about women, followed by several women coming forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault.

The Clinton campaign, as well as women’s groups across the country, have seized on this string of scandals to reinforce the narrative that Trump does not respect women, hitting him with attack ads on TV and the internet, and organizing protests at Trump’s properties.

Time is running out for Trump to make a comeback, and these kinds of stories certainly won’t help.

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