This article is inspired by a book I read recently, called “The Motivation Hacker” by Nick Winter.

In this book, Nick talks about how to hack motivation. No surprises there!

However, Nick goes a little further than the basic ‘hacks’ you see so often on Social Media. Instead, he goes in-depth on where motivation actually comes from in the first place, and how you can leverage those things to inevitably increase your levels of motivation towards a particular task(s).

Also, before we get further into the article, I wanted to confess something. This is more of a detailed book review than a crash course. I’d highly recommend grabbing the book itself if you want even more on this topic. …

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I’m going to break down my thoughts on why everyone is panic buying so much toilet roll, along with other essential goods, during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Of course, this pandemic is a significant and serious thing. At the time of writing this, no one has any idea how long it might go on for and, more crucially, no one knows how long it might be particularly bad for.

After all, I’m sure many of us would cope just fine if it was just a bit bad. We’d have no panic buying, no lockdown, our shops and restaurants would still be open and life would be pretty normal. However, that’s not the case. …

Productivity is a topic that gets talked about on an incredibly frequent basis. Usually in a video or blog post by a self-proclaimed guru talking about their “7 top tips”, or something of the like.

I have watched many of these videos, and read many of the blog posts, in hopes of finding the perfect concoction of productivity hacks that propel me to new heights in my entrepreneurial ventures.

Instead, what I’ve found is that all of these videos and blog posts ultimately boil down to the exact same thing. …

Hey Internet,

Since I just joined Medium, I thought I’d kick things off with a brief introduction. Although, I must admit, it does feel a bit like introducing myself to a room full of people who are all facing away from me and are wearing blindfolds and earmuffs. But anyway, here it goes…

My name is Jonah and I’m currently 21 years old. I run a couple of different businesses and live in the UK. I’m the son of a preacher man (literally), have moved houses countless times (14 or 15 I think?), been to loads of different schools (always been the new kid) and ultimately dropped out of education altogether. At the age of 15–16, I developed a deep desire to one day be running my own business. …


Jonah Cockshaw

Passionate about personal development and entrepreneurship.

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