I‘ve been thinking a lot about mobility following the brouhaha over dock-less scooters in San Francisco.

The first thing that really struck me is that if we were to start over on how we wanted to design our city, from scratch, we’d do almost everything differently, even decisions we’ve made…

Two weeks ago I had the honor of speaking at SRECon17. I have a post coming with notes and video from my talk, but before I post that, I wanted to highlight three of my favorite talks from the conference.

Lyft’s Envoy: Experiences Operating a Large Service Mesh

The first talk I want to highlight is this excellent…

Configuration is an Antipattern talk from Scale15x

Release Engineering

When I got my first job at a tech startup, this was literally our release procedure. I basically copied our code from cvs to production and restarted each webserver.

Eventually, we hired a few new Systems Administrators and moved the process into a…

Jonah Horowitz

Site Reliability Engineer in San Francisco — musings on technology. All opinions are my own.

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