Ep 197: Interview with Michael Stevens, founder of Booster

Listen: http://www.startupsense.net/blog/ep-197-interview-with-michael-stevens-founder-of-booster

Brands and companies are always looking for new ways to connect with their customers and followers in hopes of selling more product. Hosting live video broadcasts have become more popular but selling product during them has never been easy. Booster allows any person or company to live stream while, showcasing their product(s) and begin getting sales immediately through the mobile app. For any person or company with something unique to offer and a decent audience on social media (or email) they now have another platform to help sell more product in real time. Live video is definitely the most genuine way to connect with customers. Booster has raised $450,000 with 8 employees and is based in Charleston, SC.

In this interview I spoke with Michael Steven, solo-founder of Booster about why he started this company, what does Booster do, how is it different than other live streaming or broadcasting platforms, who are their ideal customers, how do they make money, how much do their clients pay, what was he doing before starting Booster, when and why did he raise capital, who built the first version of the product, why did they start with iOS, when are they launching Android, will they be working with influencers, why did he move from Michigan to Charleston, how is the startup scene in Charleston, how hard was it raising money and much more.

Listen: http://www.startupsense.net/blog/ep-197-interview-with-michael-stevens-founder-of-booster

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