Ep 209: Interview with Jeremy Haynes, founder of Megalodon Marketing

Listen: http://www.startupsense.net/blog/jeremy-haynes

When you talk to Jeremy Haynes it’s obvious that he is extremely passionate about what he does which is one of the key reasons as to why he’s building a successful digital agency. Before starting Megalodon Marketing he did marketing for Grant Cardone who is renowned for his sales training programs and workshops. Jeremy and Megalodon have capitalized on the desire of influencers, entrepreneurs and celebrities that want to grow their personal brands, expand their social reach, better engage with their audience and create new income streams. Megalodon is based in Miami and Los Angels, is approaching 20 employees and has been bootstrapped by Jeremy since the beginning which dates back to early 2016.

In this interview I spoke with Jeremy about his motivation behind starting Megalodon, with all the digital agencies out there what makes his different, what valuable lessons and skills did he learn by working with Grant Cardone, what types of clients do they work with, how do they find their clients, what level of results can their clients expect to see, what does their client audit consist of, what is the purpose of reverse engineering your goals, what tips does he have for the average person that want to grow their personal brand, what type of background does someone need before they can be considered credible, what drives him as an entrepreneur, why does he love helping people so much, what productivity hacks has he figured out, how does he manage stress and his busy life, what is he the most proud of since starting Megalodon, and much more.

Listen: http://www.startupsense.net/blog/jeremy-haynes

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