Ep 216: Interview with Connor Gillivan, founder of FreeeUp

Listen: http://www.startupsense.net/blog/connor-gillivan

Connor Gillivan has a wealth of entrepreneurial experience especially when it comes to ecommerce and building a successful drop-ship business. He started his first company in college and grew it to more than $20 million in total sales, almost exclusively through Amazon. At one point they were selling hundreds of thousands of different items through Amazon and using thousands of different drop-shippers. But over the past couple years he was scaled back that business to focus more on his new company FreeeUp.com which helps individuals and companies hire the top 1% of online freelancers. FreeeUp recruits and vets their marketplace of freelancers to ensure they all meet a certain level of experience, skills and professionalism. FreeeUp is currently bootstrapped but has thought about raising capital, they’re based in Orlando, FL and work with 700+ freelancers in many different categories from graphic design to customer service to digital marketing to virtual assistant.

Click here to order Connor’s book called “Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies”

Listen: http://www.startupsense.net/blog/connor-gillivan

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