I’m done being a Red Sox fan…

Okay not completely but yes I’m done being a “super fan”. It’s been about 36 hours since the Red Sox lost Game 3 to the Cleveland Indians thus ending their season quite abruptly. Back in early April when the season was just getting started the majority of Red Sox fans (me included) would have been thrilled with the hope of winning a division title because there were so many unknowns with this team. How would the young players (the “killer B’s) like Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley and Xander Bogaerts play? Could David Price adjust to Boston? Would David Ortiz be effective as a 40+ year old in his last season? Would the rest of the starting rotation live up to expectations? Who would play 3rd base? Could Hanley Ramirez successfully transition to 1st base? Would there be any major injuries? Well as the season unfolded most of these unknowns turned into pleasant surprise and our expectations continued to rise. It was obvious this team had a ton of talent and they enjoyed playing together. It was all very exciting for the fans.

Fast forward to late September and the Red Sox had maintained the #1 scoring offense in all of baseball and clinched the best division in baseball (AL east) with 5 games to go. However those last 5 games is where things started going downhill. The team showed no urgency that last week and put more priority on celebrating the career of David Ortiz than they did on actually winning those final games which would have given them home field advantage in the playoffs. Due to losing 5 of the last 6 games it meant the Red Sox would have to open up the first round of the playoffs in Cleveland where the Indians are a much better team. I think things would have played out differently if the Red Sox had remained focused that last week and finished strong. It’s ridiculous they even celebrated in NY when they clinched the division because honestly they should be playing to win the World Series, not the division, and anything less is a failure.

All of this got me thinking and I realized I simply care too much. Over the past 6 months I’ve watched almost every single Red Sox game (I actually can’t remember a game I missed). That means I watched 160+ games and each one is approximately 3 hours long. Let’s assume I watched 80% of each game x 160 games which is 380+ hours of baseball. In full disclosure I did spent much of that time watching while working out at the gym or sitting on my couch doing business stuff but it’s still a ton of time to invest in watching baseball.

Now it’s all over. In just a few days, with just a few bad games the season comes to a crashing end making most of us wonder what the heck went wrong. I’ve been riding the emotional roller coaster all season and now I have nothing to show for it. Maybe that time could have been spent doing something more fun or productive that would have given me some worthwhile memories.

So this is why I’m done being a “super fan” for the Red Sox. It’s too much time and too much emotion with nothing to gain in the end. I’ll always be a fan but I’ll never watch 160+ games again. It’s just insane. Maybe what I’ll do is limit myself to 2 games per week.

Being a sports fan is hard. We get so emotionally attached to our teams even though we know the overwhelming majority of seasons end in heartbreaking disappointment.

Okay I’m done. Rant over!! 
I probably sound like a bitter fan to some people and that’s fine, it’s partly true, but it was also a wake up call to me.

Spend your time doing things that matter because time is our most valuable resource.

Go Pats!!! Let’s win the Super Bowl because I can’t handle anymore disappointment haha