5 ways to shake off a false start to your New Year plan

We are all there. Many have taken the time to reflect on 2015 and to thoughtfully write out what we hope to accomplish in 2016.

Monday rolls around and you may be hitting most of your to-do lists but are you lacking the excitement and motivation? Here are five ways to shake it off and get on track.

  1. Don’t forget to warm up. Even the best athletes in the world warm up. It’s important because its near impossible to just flip a switch and operate at level of excellence.
  2. Just focus on shipping something your proud of every day. We all have full to-do lists, we all have hundreds if not thousands, of emails to get back to. In the first days of the year just focus on shipping something meaningful every day.
  3. Be diligent. Do the things you know will make you successful. Even if it doesn't feel productive right away.
  4. Balance your approach. Make sure your focus is spread across work, relationships, yourself, and your being. This approach will help you keep the important things in focus.
  5. Say no. Do not reschedule. Do not push it off. Just say no, and move on. Focus on what is critical, focus on what you know you can add value to. If you can delegate it, great, if not, just say no.

I am really writing this post for myself but I hope it also helps someone else as well. Happy New Year.