Top 5 Take-Away’s from Launch Scale conference:

1) It’s ok to get practical about the tactical. It is really refreshing to hear speakers say here are 25 tools I use right now, here is how I use them, and here is how you can too.

2) The VIP passes are worth it. This was my second Launch conference with VIP access. Once you do it you will never go back to the cheap seats. Worth every cent.

3) The launch staff are real people. This is not your typical event and that’s largely because it’s not your typical event crew. Awesome, warm, and helpful people.

4) The founder community. I am not sure @jason gets this a lot but the Founder community that attends launch is just different. It’s kinda like hanging out with the cool indie bands right before they become a household name. Meeting founders in the cusp of greatness becomes so common you stop noticing it. This is not normal and it’s awesome.

5) Go do the dinners. Enough said.

I can honestly say as a guy that rarely comes up for air to go to a conference unless I am giving a talk or SXSW (although that’s mainly for the Texas BBQ) this is the only startup conference worth putting on your calendar a year in advance.

Thank you @jason and team.