What is Good Writing?

To me, good writing has always been defined by a few different factors. Those factors are namely structure, cohesiveness, and creative content.

Structure is important because it displays the fundamentals of good writing in their simplest form. If a writer fails to have good structure, the main point of their piece may be missed entirely. Poor structure can be very distracting, as well as a blow to credibility.

Proper structure, however, can build up a writer’s credibility. A well-structured article flows for the reader, making it very easy and pleasing for him or her to read. If an article is structured properly, then the ideas can be more easily conveyed.

An article’s cohesiveness is another factor in determining how well writing flows.

Writing must always stay on topic. If the work is not all focused around one main idea, the audience will often be distracted or confused. It is very important that the writer stays focused on the topic if he or she wants to get the point across.

Lastly, I believe that having creative content is the most important factor in good writing. The content is the work itself, so it must be the most important. While structure and fundamentals are the first priority, the content and ideas must be the most polished.

The main reason people read is because they want to learn something, or to be interested by something. If the writing is not original, clever, funny, unique, and/or intriguing, the piece will not be interesting enough to be successful.

An uninteresting article will quickly be backed out of, once the reader fails to find any information that he or she likes. An uninteresting book will quickly be put on the shelf, once the reader realizes the story does not catch him or her. Original, creative content is the most important factor to good, interesting writing.

Teaching That Makes Sense agrees with me in their article about good writing.

The very first point that he makes is that the ideas must be interesting and important. In other words, the content has to be good.

Additionally, he also says that the fluency and conventions must be used properly. These are all important factors for good writing.

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