Workbook Ch. 6 #1


a. A scientist

b. A guy was dismissed and he will fight to be reinstated

c. Environmental Protection Agency panel

d. After vigorous lobbying

e. Secondhand cigarette smoke

f. By dismissing him

g. who and what


a. A local woman and police

b. Arrest

c. Springfield

d. Thursday

e. Allegedly filing a false police report

f. By filing it

g. what and why


a. United Way Board of Directors

b. Announcement of how to allocate money

c. At the board’s offices

d. 2 p.m. tomorrow

e. To allocate money

f. By meeting about it

g. who and when


a. 400 students and Michael R. Quinn

b. A protest

c. Springfield University

d. Friday

e. A proposed tuition increase

f. Reconsidering

g. where and why

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