Jonah Robins — How to Attract Abundance Into Your Life?

We all wish to attract an abundance of some sort into our lives. Some of us wish for money or success. Whilst others may wish for an abundance of love and loving. We all inherently know, what we wish to have in abundance. It is essential that we remain true to ourselves, and aim at receiving an abundance of what it is that our heart desires.

Below, Jonah Robins has listed 24 tips that can help us bring abundance into our lives. Apart from all of them helping to attract abundance, they are all positive tips, that we should aim at using in our lives on an ongoing basis. The more we live by these rules, and spread them the better the society will be that we live in.

The word abundance means, a very large portion of something. In other words once we have achieved an abundance of something, we will have enough to spread it around with others. Nature surrounds us daily with abundance. We only have to look up at the sky to realise the extent of this. And, if we keep our eyes open, we will be blessed with an abundance of flowers, trees, and animals right in front of us.

1) Think positively.

2) Use affirmations.

3) Be of service to others.

4) Know what it is, that you want in abundance.

5) Give away what no longer serves you.

6) Have a purpose.

7) Trust the universe.

8) See the world as abundant.

9) Pray.

10) Speak positively.

11) See yourself as abundant.

12) Visualise (vision boards are brilliant).

13) Learn to receive.

14) Meditate.

15) Stay healthy.

16) Give to others.

17) Believe in yourself.

18) Surrender.

19) Be grateful (start a gratitude journal).

20) Set your intentions.

21) Appreciate what you have.

22) Practice selfcare.

23) Be mindful.

24) Perform random acts of kindness.

Jonah Robins personally aim at living a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle, and as much as I would love an abundance of everything, I am content to have a healthy dose of what makes me happy and content.

But, to be honest, I could do with an abundance of the following, and any excess, I would be happy to spread around.

  • To love and be loved. I am at my happiest, when I am surrounded by my special family and friends.
  • Health. The older I have got, the more I value living a healthy life
  • Money. There is no doubt about it, that if we have enough money it does make life easier.

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Originally published at on March 16, 2017.