The Unnecessary Fragmentation of Design Jobs
Jonas Downey

Really enjoyed this read. I agree with your overall point of Designers striving to be all-in-one, I consider myself in this category, but the truth is that many Designers sway one way over the other (designing v. design thinking).

If you’re more visual-driven, your solutions tend to start there, and vice versa. It takes time and experience and, as you mentioned, a place that encourages that growth to get to a point of recognizing the process of Design isn’t meant to live in a silo.

My other thought is that most examples I read about this topic are particular to a Tech-driven Product, whereas at Home Chef, Food is the Product and the company is Tech-enabled. Meaning at times problems and solutions do not deal with an interface. Sometimes, “design” is intangible and becomes apparent in process and/or tools used in different parts of the Company (Operations, Culinary, etc). At times, design happens collaborating with people that don’t have “Design” anywhere in their title. Just some food for thought ;-) Cheers!

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