That Delicate Balance of Life

That awkward moment when you realise that the ideological difference you share with your near one is greater than you thought it to be but succumb to the reality for that's the convenient way out. That subtle guilt of staying numb for the want of peace in the inner circle, that too at the expense of ignoring the inner conflict. That involuntary compulsion of calling a 'spade' a 'diplomatic tool with a sharp-eyed metal blade used for digging deep', only because for the society niceness is the misunderstood goodness. That sly art of punctuating a strong opinion with winkoticons, to water down acute sarcasm and washout firm disagreement. That dire need of killing the conversation with a smile so as to keep those infected egos alive.

Damn. The path to congeniality is filled with inhospitable pleasantries.

To the folks who choose to navigate through this way of life, hats off to you for introducing sanity to humanity. To the folks who cannot but remain on the other side, may you go to hell but after you’re done with your share of trolling for truth.

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