What’s wrong must go for the right reasons.

The trepidation of triple talaq

On the occasion of Shazia Ilmi expressing her anguish on being disinvited to speak on triple talaq (at an event organised by the Forum for Awareness of National Security, an RSS-affiliated body) owing to the pressures from Jamia authorities, I hereby grab the opportunity to present the jottings I was up to a while ago.

So here goes my three paise on the three Ts:

Triple talaq should go. Not because hindu fundamentalists are pushing the agenda, but because muslim personal law cannot be above fundamental rights. Not because it is only an outcome of a certain caliph’s diktat and not actually cited in the Holy Quran, but because it’s outright regressive, unequal and illogical.

Triple talaq should go. Not because even Pakistan has abolished it, but because it is the right thing for India. Not because BJP is pushing for a uniform civil code to fulfill its own sweet wishes, but because the muslim women owe no such prerogative to anybody, neither to their men nor to their religion.

Triple talaq should go. And so should a number of other shitty traditions like beef ban, khap panchayati raj, section 377, mandatory nationalism, sanskari censorship, blah, blah, and blah.