Last week, I published an article about double-spend proofs and unified mining polices. In that article, I did my best to explain an important truth: that unified mining policies are the simple solution to reliable 0-conf transactions in Bitcoin Cash.

A few developers have since asked me questions (in the public BCH GANG telegram group), and proposed various ideas on how we could still have good 0-conf even without the unified policies. …

Bitcoin Cash needs to have fast, cheap, reliable transactions. This reliability depends on zero-confirmation (“0-conf”) transactions working consistently. And so far, it does. This is because miners and mining pools are consistently applying the same policies for transactions.

Recently, the leaders of Bitcoin Unlimited have informally proposed the idea of having non-unified mining policies, combined with double-spend proofs and other techniques, as a way to allow some mining nodes to mine longer transaction chains than others. …

So far, Bitcoin has proven to be a bit tricky. Bitcoin was created in 2009, but by 2015, a problem emerged: The Bitcoin Core developers could not agree on raising the maximum blocksize limit — a necessary step to allow the network to grow.

In 2017, a portion of the community (that could not abide by the technical leadership of Core) forked off to create a separate network called Bitcoin Cash. But, barely a year went by before another subset disagreed with the new development leadership and forked off again into Bitcoin SV.

Forking is freedom and a beautiful thing, but too many forks lead to a splintering of the community. This is a real risk and can be very damaging. …

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