Why Some People Call Bitcoin Cash ‘bcash’. This Will Be Shocking to New Readers.

Jonald Fyookball
3 min readSep 18, 2017

The August 1st (2017) fork of Bitcoin is called Bitcoin Cash. It was announced late July on www.bitcoincash.org.

The fork happened because after 4 long years, Core developers and their corporate sponsors were successful in pulling the wool over the eyes of the community.

You see, Bitcoin was always supposed to be peer-to-peer electronic cash. It was intended as a permissionless network and a fast, low-fee payment system. This is what made it famous and allowed it to become a multi billion dollar asset.

Unfortunately, those ‘core’ developers had other ideas and are changing Bitcoin into what is called a “settlement layer”, which ultimately won’t be a peer to peer system any more.

There’s a mighty big difference between the peer to peer money we all know and love that exists today and the “layered” system that the “Bitcoin Core” group envisions for the future.

A HUGE difference. Like, night and day.

“They” Are Upset that Bitcoin Forked. Especially Because the Fork Calls Itself Bitcoin (Cash)

Bitcoin Cash may have less hashpower and a smaller network than Bitcoin, but it follows the original roadmap, the original code design, and the original vision of Bitcoin as peer-to-peer money.

Bitcoin (Core) on the other hand is much more like an alt-coin with a complex, overhyped code labyrinth called SegWit… a refusal to allow Bitcoin to scale on chain as designed by Satoshi… and a roadmap that takes away the power of the people and changes Bitcoin into a platform for the banks.

And no, that’s not an exaggeration.

So They Started the ‘bcash’ social Engineering Attack

Make no mistake: this is an attack, with the same tactics they’ve been using for years in trying to control public opinion. In the past, their main weapon has been censorship.

This time, they want to “relabel” Bitcoin Cash and hope it catches on.

It won’t work. Even the exchanges which are sympathetic to Core are aware that playing politics here will cost them business and reputation.

The Attack Is More Malicious Than You Think

It’s not just that they have a bunch of trolls (some paid) who go around saying ‘blah blah bcash’.

They actually use their censorship at r/bitcoin and try to redirect unsuspecting users to r/bcash, which is a subreddit they control.

Don’t believe for one second their lies of “I call it that because its an abbreviation”.

Nope. This is an orchestrated social engineering attack. In fact…

They have fake subreddits, fake twitter accounts, fake websites, you name it.

Why They Are Going to All This Trouble?

It’s simple: They want to disassociate Bitcoin Cash from Bitcoin. They don’t want to allow Bitcoin Cash to use the Bitcoin brand name.

And that’s completely hypocritical given the fact that the Core group has used every dirty trick in the book (censorship, corporatism, lies and stalling) to usurp the Bitcoin project to their own ends.

By contrast, all Bitcoin Cash is trying to do is continue making the blocks bigger so that the peer to peer network can grow.

Their Secret Hopes

They are hoping that they can remove the Bitcoin name from Bitcoin Cash.

They are hoping new users won’t even realize there’s another version of Bitcoin.

They are hoping those users won’t realize that Bitcoin was originally peer to peer electronic cash (not this settlement layer that Core is pushing.)

And ultimately, they are hoping people don’t see that Bitcoin has changed course, and that there’s a version of Bitcoin that stayed with the original formula.

It’s Not Going to Work

Cheap tactics like this aren’t going to fool many people for long. Sorry “Core”. You’re going to have to compete on merit.

I know that scares you to death.