Why Some People Call Bitcoin Cash ‘bcash’. This Will Be Shocking to New Readers.

“They” Are Upset that Bitcoin Forked. Especially Because the Fork Calls Itself Bitcoin (Cash)

Bitcoin Cash may have less hashpower and a smaller network than Bitcoin, but it follows the original roadmap, the original code design, and the original vision of Bitcoin as peer-to-peer money.

So They Started the ‘bcash’ social Engineering Attack

Make no mistake: this is an attack, with the same tactics they’ve been using for years in trying to control public opinion. In the past, their main weapon has been censorship.

The Attack Is More Malicious Than You Think

It’s not just that they have a bunch of trolls (some paid) who go around saying ‘blah blah bcash’.

Why They Are Going to All This Trouble?

It’s simple: They want to disassociate Bitcoin Cash from Bitcoin. They don’t want to allow Bitcoin Cash to use the Bitcoin brand name.

Their Secret Hopes

They are hoping that they can remove the Bitcoin name from Bitcoin Cash.

It’s Not Going to Work

Cheap tactics like this aren’t going to fool many people for long. Sorry “Core”. You’re going to have to compete on merit.



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