How to access NEO on Ledger Nano S

As of today (7 November 2017), NEO and GAS is now supported on Ledger Nano S. Finally, I can rest easy knowing my NEO and GAS are secure in a hardware wallet.

Want to know how to access it?

Here’s a simple 5 step tutorial.

  1. Open the “Ledger Manager” application on your desktop. Download it here if you don’t have it.
  2. Connect your Nano S to the computer via USB and unlock it.
  3. Download the “Neo” application. This will start installing the application on your Ledger Nano S. Follow the instructions on the Nano S’ screen to allow the installation. .
  4. Once installed, open the latest version of Neon wallet on your computer. Don’t follow any other links but the official one on the NEO reddit page to find the download link for the Neon wallet. 
    IMPORTANT to ensure this before Step 5 or you may encounter errors: Make sure your Ledger is connected to the computer, is unlocked and that you have opened the NEO application on your Ledger, you should see the text “Wake Up, NEO…”.
  5. On the Neon wallet application, Log in using “Login using a Ledger”. 
     Go ahead and click “Use Ledger Nano S”.

There you go! You now can see your brand new Ledger Nano S NEO address in your Neon wallet screen. Feel free to go ahead and transfer your NEO and GAS to your Ledger wallet address. I’ve tried it and it works great. Claiming gas also works directly on Neon Wallet. If you want to be cautious, you can just send 1 NEO and 1 GAS first, before sending the rest.

Happy Ledger Neon-o S day!

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