Account-Based Everything and the Future of SaaS

SalesLoft and Account-Based Sales Development:

Late last year, after reading an article by Kyle Porter about his company SalesLoft on the Salesforce guest blog, I became fascinated with what his company was doing to empower sales development reps through the power of a robust SaaS platform. SalesLoft, a platform focused on developing cadence schedules and automating personalized and meaningful sales processes to increase leads and qualified appointments, is the leader in sales the development space. Earlier this year, they announced the formation of the Sales Development Cloud, a powerful and game-changing partnership which allows for easy sales development platform integration with one another.

It was through exploring SalesLoft’s platform offerings that I first heard the term ‘Account-Based.’ In this case, it was Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD), which works off of the highly successful and proven approach which is Account-Based Marketing. The strategy focuses on building strategic, sales development campaigns into target accounts with the use of highly-personalized content. Using this strategy, companies often see 60–70% improvement in their sales pipeline!

Terminus and the Powers of Account-Based Marketing:

After learning about ABSD and the common results achieved through the strategy, I discovered a company called Terminus software. Terminus, also headquartered in my home city of Atlanta, is an Account-Based Marketing platform that allows companies to target their best fit accounts. As a marketer myself, I loved Terminus’s business model (#flipyourfunnel) from the moment I saw it — many online advertisers waste money on meaningless ads pushed to people who neither care nor have a need for their companies’ product. It’s a know fact that the general B2B marketing conversion rate (prospect -> client) is 1%, and it turns out that the solution to this problem has been standing in front of us the entire time!

I was amazed by the success people had with the Terminus platform — it’s not every day that you hear about a marketing platform that essentially allows you to increase your marketing conversion by over 200%! Over the course of a month, I dived further into the strategies of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and sought to learn more about how the idea for Terminus was developed. I reached out to Eric Spett, founder, and CEO of Terminus and was able to score a meeting at their office at the Atlanta Tech Village. There, I was able to have a great discussion about the future of SaaS and ABM. Eric Spett founded Terminus alongside Eric Vass (CTO), and Sangram Vajre (CMO), together along with their incredible team of ‘Terminators’, they have developed a solid platform and an incredible support team to educate the world on the power of ABM. After a great discussion on the future of Account Based Marketing and learning more about the powerful platform that Terminus had developed, it was clear that I had a passion for what I call the ‘Account Based Movement.’

The Future of SaaS and the Account-Based Everything Movement:

The Account-Based Movement is what I use to define the rapid adoption of ABM/ABSD strategies across the board. Through the strategic implementation of services such as SalesLoft and Terminus; along with the additional benefits of the SaaS model, companies have the tools to grow and accelerate their pipeline exponentially while not breaking the bank, in a way not previously possible.

Throughout the next few years, the Account-Based Movement will continue to grow exponentially; all while allowing for better and more meaningful conversations between marketers and sales development professionals alike to have with their prospects and target accounts.

It’s going to be a great next few years for the B2B SaaS space!