Interview with Merychwan Cosplay. Contact her for commissioned cosplay costumes via Facebook.

Merychwan Cosplay

Photo by Jonathan McCallum at Barcelona Games World

When did you start becoming interested in Cosplay?

I started being interested in cosplay at the age of 10, that time I went with my mom to a comic event and I saw a cosplayer being Rachel from Blazblue and I was completed stunned, since then is my dream cosplay!

How would you describe the Cosplay community?

Cosplay community for me is like another family, I’m not famous at all so I’m fangirling all the cosplayers all the time, and they’re such nice and polite people. Usually I cosplay in couple with Aquayame Cosplay, I met her while I was fangirling a cosplay of hers like two years ago, now we are best friends, so I’m very greatful, happy and proud to be part of that cosplay community.

Have you visited International Cosplay conventions such as in the USA, Japan etc?

I have not visited any other conventions outside of Spain, however next year I hope i’m going to attend Paris in February. It is a dream to do epic clothing cosplay and to learn how to make intricate armour, weapons and props, and like I said before, I’m really newbie in this so I have sooo much to learn and level up my skills!!

What are some of your dreams for your Cosplay? What are some of your future Cosplay projects?

My future cosplays for this year are Honoka Kousaka from Love live and Asuna from SAO and i’ll try to Sakura from Naruto. For next year going to try to start with armors with Riven Championship from League of Legends and Little Mermaid from SinoAlice, but I’m changing plans always at last minute, so who knows who I’m going to cosplay next.

See Jonathan’s Youtube video from Barcelona Games World

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