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To all the mindless people that think a secured gun is the answer. I live with my elderly mother in a small city in Connecticut. One day, she yelled that there was a bear near her garden, quickly grabbed a broom and then ran out of the house. As soon as she said there was a bear near the garden, I had a bad feeling she would run out. The funny thing is, she’s afraid of dogs. Anyways, I went into my room and attempted to open my biometric gun safe. It took 3 attempts. Luckily for me, the bear was gone before she got out, or she probably would have been injured. I purchased a biometric safe to make it faster and easier to get to my gun in the event of an emergency.

Had I really needed the gun for the bear or a crime, enough time had elapsed that she would have been mauled. I never put the trigger lock on as it takes about a minute under ideal circumstances to remove. As far as Hillary not trying to remove the 2nd, you really have to look into what she said about the mandatory buy back in Australia. She basically said she wants a gun ban.

My town isn’t in an area with lots of bears, but it has lots of crime.

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