The Threat to Science No One Talks About
Joe Brewer

An entire generation that revered Gordon Gekko, the designer suit modern monster Oliver Stone created in his seminal, Wallstreet. Seminal may be a strong word but it shows how much American society came to worship money at the time. Our society has had a greater impact than the world would like to admit. Right place, right time sort of thing more so than let’s be like them.

Theses companies fail to realize it is in their own best interest the world survive. Companies hiring mercenary scientist to write reports to discredit and muddy the truth. I would be relieved to hear their is a vast alien conspiracy. It beats humanity has a death fixation. It’s hard to know what goes on in board rooms. Visions of the Empire from Stars Wars come to mind. Though I am not anti-capitalism or wealth building but what’s the point of either if society collapses. Staying alive will be more important than any currency we give value. All societal constructs losing meaning in the face of survival.

I am against cutting the nose to spite the face. As a species we have yet to accept that our survival should outweigh any ideologies or economic systems which do not facilitate the growth of humanity rather than accelerate our demise. It’s even scarier to realize that many people will not know the Library of Alexandria. One of the greatest homes of information destroyed by war. Centuries laters, we still make the same mistake. The internet is the closest we have come to replicating Alexandria on a world scale. Let’s puts it’s use beyond shilling products alone. Let’s get innovative on how we share ideas. We can do it in ways never done before.

I like to believe it is not too late to urge people from across the world, thinkers, academics, business people, political leaders, and most importantly people to think about our world. Humanity’s sense of self preservation is second to none. Politics and pharmaceutical companies use fear as a marketing tool, perhaps if we took a different approach.

It’s time for bold new ideas to usher in a new era for humanity. The world is smaller than ever before. For the first time that I know of humanity has tool we can use to reach more people than ever before. The ideas shaping our world are centuries old, there age is showing.

We can make a difference. It’s time people such as yourself help us that care by providing us the means to educate ourselves so we can craft messages to reach our audiences. It imperative we take action, not just sing to the choir. We all have unique voices, perhaps one of the newly educated will break through. I want there to be a world for my children’s children’s children to enjoy. The dystopia movies portray is not my idea of paradise.

I know this is long, so I will bring it to a close, but before I go, I want you to know people do recognize how important your work is to us all. I know it probably feels useless at times but you are a warrior of a different breed. Your capacity for studying our planet is a gift, and your ability to preservere is testament to your strength. The fact that climate science is not more important than social science frightening. Those sciences I am truly afraid because they feed the very ideas support and reinforce the status quo. Maybe it’s time we began talking strategy, how people from different areas approach the same subject with their unique voice. Movies, Stories, Scientific Reports, Poetry, Videos, Music, Books, and new ways yet to happen. Maybe they happen because we work together to create a new idea. I hope this made sense.

Thank you for the dedication you have given to this subject. Our planet is important to humanity despite us not recognizing it as a whole. Your work. Your passion. Your commitment is instrumental in helping spark the brain which will find the medium and message to get humanity’s collective ear. Thank you. Thank you very much.