Hurry Up and Stop Hurrying
Isaac Morehouse

He is right, one can recognize a fellow traveler. Those unwilling to give up on being the masters of our own fate. We are the captains of our soul. Chasing one dream realizing we made the wrong decision.

Never too late to run from misery to find your passion. Passion is not an easy thing to pursue. It takes courage and commitment to see it through. It takes a thick skin to keep going; when there are society and family pressures wanting you to give in.

You must have the strength to hold out, it is up to you to find out. What will be the meaning of your life be about? Find a life to lead that leaves no doubt. Have heart to find what fills you with joy!

Some reach for the stars, others may be content to sit smoking weed on the beach, some find they like finding contracts in breech. That’s the secret! You define you! You will know what is your success. Be like Stella get your groove! Give no worry to what the rest think.

With each blink time passes, it does not matter what your past may have been. What’s done is done. The present is one thing that should hold your concern. Your future starts today! There is no such thing as wait your turn. Its an opinion, not a rule.

School. Money. All tools you can use in life. Have too little of one does not make you wrong! Having a too much other does not make you right! Which is which? Let your imagination take flight.

Take your time. There is no rush, there is no hurry. If you have responsibilities it is up to you to see them through. Though I will tell you it is easier to do when you love what you do. Take time. Think it through.

Out of my darkest night and longest winter that I leave behind. I find peace of mind. I am no sheep, I will give no fleece. Inside my heart I have found more strength. Take a deep breath to swim the length of the pool, before you know it, you crossed an ocean.

People will be dismissive. You may hear laughter. I assure you, many will predict disaster, have heart. In secret they envy your courage to Restart. Fear holds them in place they can not stand. Misery loves company. Take your leave, hold your own hand.

Success is a word with varying definitions. It is your decision to define your mission which fulfills your vision. That is where you find your definition. You will be somebody. Set yourself free. Be who ever you want to be.

It will not be easy. False starts. Missteps. You may feel out of your depth. Difficult is temporary. Your skill will improve if you keep going. What was hard becomes easy with a change of mood. Keep a positive attitude.

It is never over. It is never too late. You are always the master of your fate. He is right. I hope you dig deep to find what gives light to your life. Tip your hat to a fellow traveler along the road. We support one another. We make sure their story is told. We pass it on so others will always know.

“All is possible. Don’t buy a ticket. Make your own show.”
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