The Smartest Move I’ve Made Was Leaving My Job Without A Plan
Anita Malik

It is an amazing experience, leaping without a plan. If I would have held onto the job I would have completely broken down. In the last two days I began having doubts about my recharge time. Thank you for helping me put them to rest.

I too was worrying about things beyond my control. The losses we were taking became deeply personal. My health was deteriorating at a rapid clip, plus I was so focused on achieving I found myself celebrating my successes alone.

Yours is my second “sign” I am on the right path. I feel whole again, my batteries are fully charged. Though I had no plan originally, one has come together. Thank you for sharing your story. There will be panic times because you are used to the order and control. Its okay they will pass because you realize you need the time more.

Time to connect with family, loved ones, yourself. I wish you all the health and happiness you can imagine. Your piece was the right piece at the right time to give me peace. Thank you. Keep writing!