Why We Can’t Quit the QWERTY Keyboard
MIT Technology Review

Recently as an exercise to just give my brain a bit of a stretch to test the idea of neuro..pla..the theory our brains grow by doing new things. Everyone uses their phone daily to type. As a simple exercise I made a switch to azerty keyboard.

With such a small change you wouldn’t think there would be that much adjustment but you would be wrong. I’m not certain if it’s giving my brain the juice to grow or regrow new paths but it’s fun. The most interesting thing about us is our idea we like change but the reality is far from our ideas.

No one knows how soon the qwerty may stay or tomorrow someone may figure out how to map the iris looking at the keyboard in combination with some cognitive recognition software. These things already exist yet they use them in other areas. They measure what an autistic person looks at on a screen in comparison to a person with so called normal brain function

Everything we do is a function of the brain, even saying the qwerty is not going anywhere is putting it in the unconscious. As I said the technology already exist to make communication take light year leaps it’s just no one has thought to use to make keyboard communications easier. Ten years ago 3D printing would never catch on but steadily its growing from a dark corner.

I am still going to try Tap for two reasons, I like the idea, and to support people still pursuing their dreams by creating new technology. I miss the idea of tinkerers in their workshops pushing the boundaries of mainstream acceptance like a Herman Miller office chair. Sometimes it not that we do not like it, we just need a chance to get use to it.

The bottom line is we learned to write. We learned to type on Qwerty. When it comes time, we’ll become proficient on the next evolution as I type on my pocket computer. My grandfather’s first cell phone was a giant brick with a strap. Just this morning I asked someone if they remember pagers. The same will happen to qwerty after all I’m on azerty. Change happens in steps and the revolution usually takes time. Until then it’s still cool we even have a choice.