This Is Trump Making America Great?

Why Great Leaders Should Not Lack Backbone.

Are We The Puppets Now?

Now for something a little different.

Those of you familiar with Monty Python and The Flying Circus know the famous sketch comedy show remember that phrase as the method of moving from one sketch to another. Monty Python was known for their spot on observations of their society, British, flipping them upside down through the use of absurdist comedy. Absurd. Donald Trump’s first weeks have been unintentionally absurd. It is like a sketch comedy show unfolding in front of our eyes. This entire spectacle is more absurd when you consider there is no one to blame but ourselves. We gave the most powerful office in our country to a person with not one iota of experience. We gave the keys to a rookie? How many rookies win the Super Bowl? None. It takes practice. practice. practice.

If anyone has been paying attention for the past twenty years they would understand that Donald Trump does not respond well to criticism. There is an alarming undercurrent in the White House never seen before now. No person in our history has not had any experience in democratic politics been given such power. The reason business men do well most times, a business man can be a despot. Rule with an iron fist. In business it is not known as tyranny, we celebrate instead as pragmatic. Which is why a leadership in companies often fails after a transfer of power. Our government can not afford such mistakes. Our way of life is on a precarious edge. We are all stuck viewing the country through a lenses of the past. The opposite of what put us in a position to achieve greatness.

Our leaders in the past were looking to the future. They had yet to enjoy the fruits of success we enjoy today. We take so much as a given. Running water. Electricity. Transportation. Garbage Collection. String Cheese. Old Navy Sales. These are all the result of decisions made for the greater good of the whole country. Success has a dark side.

The anger seething beneath the surface of America is the result of the constant racial conversation. Leadership in this country has yet to realize the truth that would put it to an end. Power is intoxicating. Especially when its been fed a by myths and half truths to reach a goal. They split us down the middle to cause havoc in our country.

If I knew who the they was I would address them directly, but we must never forget the game of civilization is on a grand scale. The United States is a young country in comparison to those with we share the world stage. Our leadership seems not to understand there are growing pains. There are problems today that leaders from the past could not answer. It is beyond their world view. Would you ask Thomas Jefferson to program your DVR? Would you let Benjamin Franklin reboot your Ipad?

Even the idea of our forefathers has yet to keep pace. Fredrick Douglass is also a leader responsible for sharing ideas shaping our views today. Abigail Adams had a larger role in her husbands career than many admit. Sojourner Truth was responsible for changing minds by sharing truths. All of these people were not just black and white. Is it racist I can not list the Asians, Native Americans, or Latino leaders from the past or proof that even our racial conversation is racist? They are Americans. We are descendants of them all because they are our country people. We can honor every culture because it is apart of what makes us great.

Before we begin the assault on politics it is important that we first come together as a people. How can we argue that we are all different races when we all come from the same place? The hyphens in place are no more relevant than horse drawn carriage. We argue against immigration yet we all hold on to the idea of being from another country. It does not make sense. Unless you believe that your leadership is misleading you for purposes not in your best interest.

When terrorist attack do they make sure only certain people die? It is not secret that everyone in this country had family from another country at some point in the last two hundred years. It is time for us to realize our immigrant nation is our greatest strength. Where else in the world can people all over the world come together to work for a greater good? Our military is made up of citizens from every class, religion, sexuality, and gender the United States has to offer. No soldiers receive preferential treatment on the battlefield. What does that tell you?

It’s not your fault, not entirely, our politicians let us down.

Donald Trump would not hire a C.E.O. with no experience to run his company but because once again the race card lets a President slide into office. The race card is another absurd aspect of the ongoing politically correct horseshit we call debate today. Leadership should do more than worry about being in office or which party has the most seats.

Considering the ramifications of his recent actions I worry more about the lack of leadership from the donkeys or elephants. Why is there not more of them at every level speaking out? These little things that do not seem like much now, always turn out to be the dingle-berry. The President is trying to make good on his campaign promises, but he does not understand politics. Government is not politics. His move to detain Muslim’s was bush league. It made America appear weak. The most devastating domestic terrorist attacks in the last decade were all done by Americans. Fox News will tell you France and Germany are the ones who should worry as millions of refugees flee their homes. Why does no one think it is absurd that traditional journalism no longer exist in the U.S. mainstream? I don’t give a damn if it is liberal or conservative. The word I like to see in association with journalism, objective. At least the pretense of being objective would be welcome. If it does not scare you, misinform, or blow the smoke wildly in your face, be careful, you may learn something.

Is it absurd to believe our leaders should be standing tall to defend the American ideals our country has fought for since rebelling against the crown.

It feels like the Monty Python sketch where a man is trying to return a dead parrot to the pet shop. The parrot is obviously dead but stiff upper lip of the English prevents a reasonable response. The genius of Monty Python was there ability to skewer society with clever absurdist wit. Webster’s digital dictionary defines absurd, as wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate. Jon Stewart is gone. Samantha Bee gets juice for being a woman. Trevor Noah is from Africa. No one is here to point out the obvious. Trump is on task to have one of the more memorable first 100 days in modern political history.

I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am an American that understands the hypocrisy that runs through our veins like the blue blood in our veins before it receives oxygen in the heart turning it red. We as American citizens have yet to realize that the hyphens everyone is so proud are nothing more than cheap side show tricks. American racism is absurd. How can there be so many hyphens for people all born in the same country? Where your great great grandparents were born is family history. No matter how we got here, we are all here now. No one is going back to any country unless they choose to do so. That is why this country has had such success in such a short time in comparison to our worldly counterparts.

Its Not Democracy Or Capitalism They Fear

Our love of money and materialism has gone beyond a healthy attitude about wealth. The idea that our most elite families sell out their birthrights to foreign conglomerates is a testament to how far off the trail we find our country. I love the fact I can tell people with certainty I will be a billionaire by the age of sixty. They may not believe me, but the fact they may believe it could happen is what makes our country great. There is no society to date that has dealt with all of the prejudices humanity creates to justify bad behavior. There is no perfect political system. We seem to love war too much for a species that lacks an infinite means of reproduction.

Civilization is an interesting game. It is a world game that has so many pieces on the board it is too much for the average person to consider. That is why there are other systems put in place to distract the average person with day to day task which fuel the machine. Everyone is a cog in a wheel. In this country, we can build our own wheel. The part that scares everyone in other countries more than any system or religion could muster with their fiery rhetoric condemning all things outside of the popular ideology. Despite what the media reports on television, America runs on diversity. Everyday America wakes up, puts on clothes, completes a morning ritual, and does something to provide. Provide for themselves. Provide for their families. Everyday people from all over the world work together.

You pay for gas by interacting with different people. You walk the aisles of the grocery store passing people that look different, buying goods made by different people, driven in a truck in a person that may or may not look like you. The fact is America is so diverse that it takes the media to show you stories that twist thinking.

Thank God That’s Not Our Neighborhood

We must resist the tendency to bury our heads in the sand.

Burying your head in the sand produces disastrous results, ask the Germans.

Partisanship Is Absurd In Crisis

The Republican party is taking credit for a win. The G.O.P. should feel shame, their candidates got their asses given back in a Tupperware tray with ill fitting lids. Their leadership was no more effective than the lone wolf strategy the Democrats thought would win the election. Both parties are collapsing under the weight of their own inadequacy to deal with the reality of their situations. Both parties have lost touch with people.

The loyalist and die hard party loyalist on both sides will always answer the bell. The bell rang. No one came running. The lowest turn out in the modern history of a Presidential campaign. The parties live on myths of yesterday instead of supporting new leadership. The Grand Old Party would be wise to remind America of its grand history of limiting government, freedom for all, and they tore down the Berlin Wall.

Leadership No Longer Leads

Another more obvious problem lies with each party copying the other. Instead of two different parties. Democrats and Republicans are carnival reflections of the people they claim to represent. The problem is they continue representing nothing but institutional ideas from the last century. It has yet to dawn on leadership, old ideas do not win elections. I can not say taking credit for a win sits well, but as they say, a win is a win. Let’s say you own a Ferrari. Apparently losing does not call for strategic changes.

History Char

has gone out of their way to create a myth for Ronald Reagan. I admire Ronald Reagan for his political prowess more so than his policies which set the United States on it’s current course. It seems the economic prosperity of the Seventies was not a boon. Instead of pushing on for job creation, shrinking budgets, or limiting government the Republican President did the exact opposite.

Stop. Shut up.

Do not listen to reply. Do not read to grow angry. Listen to understand. Read to consider what I say in order to save our country. I blame the Democrats in office at the time just as much as I blame the Republicans.

The Birth Of Modern Politics

The modern politician was born in the 1980’s from Reagan’s success. Reagan knew the power of film and television. As the former President of the Screen Actors Guild he was intimately familiar with the inner workings of Hollywood. He was around during the cooperation of Federal Government during WWII but he shows his character during the Red Scare. Ronald Reagan had an enemy during his entire political career.

The Cowboy was our hero standing between us and the Red’s. Red’s was the popular term for Communist from the U.S.S.R., Union of Soviet Republics. A great story always has two ingredients at least, a protagonist for the audience to identify, the hero to root for against the antagonist, the villain for the audience to root against. The red scare swept Reagan into the office of Governor of California. The threat of communism and the nuclear bomb was the I.S.I.S. of that period in time. Hell, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right?

By the time Reagan reaches the Oval Office the Soviet’s are in severe decline in part due to the fact that they were never the threat our imaginations believed them to be. In fact, the brand of communism in place in the U.S.S.R. was not even what the Marxist Revolutionaries had in mind, perhaps they did, but never did they imagine Josef Stalin would usurp the intelligentsia forever altering how Communism would be seen by the world. That is the problem with many Academics and Arm Chair Quarterbacks everything is easier from the outside looking in or after the fact. The most important things happen in the moment. Our moment is upon us as a country. How we will define ourselves in the 21st century? It is very difficult to move forward while looking backward. Don’t believe me? Walk to the bathroom door while looking at the door you are leaving. No mirrors. No peeking forward. The walk you may have done hundreds, maybe thousands of times has become harder correct?

How can we continue to prosper as a whole if all we do is argue about the past. A past that we can not even come to a consensus, because we fail to account for the fact our republic is a toddler. A toddler is still growing, finding their way, but as most honorary toddlers, warnings go unheard. It is only when contact is made with fire do honorary toddlers understand. Fire is hot. Fire burns. Here we are playing with fire. A fire that could consume not only our future, but the future of many for generations.

A Wall Goes Up As A Reminder

Josef Stalin was a man that understood fear, he fed on the fear of others to impose his will upon an entire nation. As WWII was waning, many of the allies were licking their lips ready to split the spoils. One of my hero’s, Gen. Patton, who was in the thick of war fighting for his country, held the view that the Soviets would be our biggest threat in the coming years. Instead of listening, Academics and Arm Chair Quarterbacks went right back to appeasing without learning one lesson because it was not their sacrifice which ensured their freedom. Germany was in ruins after the war. The lie of Hitler’s suicide was circulating the globe. The Allies began thinking about the Post War World, more so, how to stop Germany from rising up again. WWI left a bad taste in their mouths which Hitler fed until he had a war machine going full throttle. They split it up between themselves.

Josef Stalin was no fool. He had a vision for expansion the allies had given him with no bloodshed. To mark his territory, to ensure the world knew of Soviet power as a country of reckoning. He gave the order to begin construction on the Berlin wall he built splitting Germany for decades was a reminder for generations of the impact one man can have on the world. For decades the Soviets were there to compare ourselves, they were our gauge, it gave us a sense of purpose as a country. In comparison to their secret police, hidden jails, bread lines, and State sanctioned journalism, art, and thought were the norm rather than exception. When the Soviet’s communism threw in the towel, suddenly we were without an enemy. No more Reds to blame, but instead of changing course we instead were swept up in euphoria. Euphoria always wears off.

Think on this: The U.S. has always had an enemy to use as motivation, but when did we let the enemy become u.s.?

Tear That Wall Down

One of the biggest achievements Reagan will be known positively in all History Books is the role the U.S. had in the destruction of the Berlin Wall. After WWII Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin began dividing the spoils of war. Germany’s Third Reich may have lost the war but apparently they live on in the hearts and minds of cable content producers because they are constantly on Television. It is as if the lessons of hatred’s results are already lost on the generations after the war. Which explains how we are building our own Berlin Wall across our border to separate us from a non existent threat. Wait, that does not explain anything. Actually, What The Fuck Is Happening Here?

The absurdity of the modern world is such that some American’s idolize the Third Reich as if they would have been benefactors of Nazism. When did it become cool to think the losers were worth being put upon a pedestal? We are taking pages from the play book of losers! That does not bother anyone but me? I remember watching Ronald Reagan on Television, “Gorbachev Tear That Wall Down!” rebuking everything Soviet Communism represented to that point in time. Reagan was politically astute enough to know he was simultaneously building U.S. position internationally as a beacon for hope and freedom.

It makes me wonder if Reagan is spinning in his grave. A President in his own party, Republican, is doing everything in his power to overturn the American ideal he gave his life cultivating.

A Brief Aside For Context

If attention spans were not so short I would not have to explain the past to explain America’s present. Which is ironic. The more I hear someone in a position of authority mention what the founders and forefathers had done in their time for this country pisses me off. I said it. It is more than irritating to hear a constant reference to people that would not understand the world of today. No more than any of us modern citizens would understand using the bathroom in a wooden shed into a hole in the ground. Too basic? Understand this is not an insult to those men or the great things they did for our country during their time. I only wish we had the same kind of people to show the leadership and courage they did in the face of great opposition. Our American forefathers are not just Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, but Frederick Douglass, Geronimo, Harriet Tubman, Robert E. Lee, William T. Sherman, and Betsy Ross. Each of these people embody the American spirit as we know it today, no matter how the books describe them in History class. The one thing each had in common is that they fought for an idea, namely, a better America.

The Only Colors That Matter

It is foolish I have to tell people in the United States that you are all the same. Many may have access to privileges another does not but that is not the result of it being given to them. It is the result of generations of families in many cases working hard passing on traditions that help each generation prosper more than the one before. That is what is at stake. There will be no time to argue over who gets what because of the suffering in the past has set them on a course of destruction. There will be no secret set-asides for people because they have a lack of pigment. We are seen by the world through the only colors that matter for now, Red, White, and Blue. Lord help me, I already know, white, see the white is already inclusive, of course that colors matter. It’s so stupid, an idiotic ideology born from ignorance, there is no such thing as white people or black people. Two labels put on a segment of people in order to control every goddamn thing they see or do. It is the biggest con in our country, which is pretty big, seeing that capitalism has its foundation in the art of the con.

Back To Our Present To Determine Our Future

The Republican party did Trump a favor, they bent over just when Democrats were holding their ankles in submission. Neither had the leadership tough enough or worth a damn to stand against the rhetoric spewing from the campaign trail. One person is not enough to stand against an army. Hilary Clinton dealt with more than we will ever know, but history does not honor the losers, until now. Our leadership let us down, and they continue to let us down every day they say nothing. As the America so many have given their lives to build becomes a memory.

However you view the United States, it has done a lot in a short time of existence. The frames and prisms people use to discuss the U.S. have become seeds of our own destruction. Each frame or prism is always through the lense of those who believe themselves to be in power or from those that claim to always been the target of oppression from power. For too long a marketing strategy coupled with humanity’s natural tendency towards prejudice if given incentive. White and Black did not exist until boats began arriving upon the shores of this new land. Everyone was arriving from all over the world to fight for a new chance to build a life for themselves.

Dutch, Nigerian, Spanish, English, Ethiopian, Swedish, Danish, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, German and the list goes on and on. It might interest many to know that all black people were not slaves, nor did they accept the institution of slavery. Angother myth, all white people had access to means to ensure the prosperity of their families simply because of their skin. Not to say that a system did not exist, I said it did not include all people. There has always been Have-Nots and Haves in every society until now. It is a problem we deal with today. Actually, the Have-Nots of modern America are the reason for every budget deficit, crime statistic, and disruption of the status quo.

When Every Niche Has Status Quo

I find modern American racism absurd for this simple reason. Every person here was born in the same country, The United States of America. This confusion is the result of manipulation by people who seek power and to hold on to power. I do not give a damn about your skin color. Is that what Dr. King gave his life for me to believe? Is that not the ideal we are meant to strive for as citizens of the United States. How can I make it simpler for even the most devout racist of the United States could understand?

When they flew the planes into the towers, do you believe they gave a damn what color the people were inside? No, that gives both sides the wiggle room to insert broad statements people can latch in order to hold their false ideas. How about the fact that our military is made up of citizens from every spectrum of American society. When deployment occurs in a warzone does the enemy only shoot specific soldiers? No they view every soldier as a citizen of the United States aka American. They shoot to kill everyone.

It is only back home in the peace and prosperity do we have the time to argue over the modern assessment of the ideological sanctity the (insert white or black) rhetoric effect on popular culture devaluing the masculine assumption, blah blah. There is a professor somewhere writing a paper to convince people their studying has had purpose.

“When they flew the planes into the towers, do you believe they gave a damn what color the people were inside?”

Let’s Not Argue; Let’s Have A Discussion

The two songs I use as a way to convey ideas everyone can understand. Music has no color as everyone learns sooner or later. Where something begins is not always where something will end. In our case, we should hope that we grow as people in order to ensure the United States thrives despite the ideologies in place. The ones that seem bent on wiping us from the face of existence to prove a point. A point that only history can view as a blunder, yet we are here in the moment before the story is written. We still have the ability to make decisions that we will all benefit. This is not about a segment of our country, but the entire country. Our country is great as a sum of parts. No part would function well on its own despite contrary thoughts from the peanut gallery. Everyone also believes they can call better plays or make the game winning shot the professionals. If the power lies with the people than it is the people that must recognize their power. We have all been apart of building one of the most unique systems to exist to this point in human history. I think it is a mistake to diminish it by basing it’s future on past ideas that we know fail. I wish I could get the world to understand, but first I believe I should start at home. If I can get my home in order than perhaps we can once again deserve the reputation of being a beacon for hope.

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