Why I Launched A One Dollar Marketing Agency.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Your motivation is contagious. I was just reading your 24/7 article which led me to this one. Those of us with the burning desire to succeed at any mean necessary need to hear from others like us its cool to chill or you’re not insane to attempt the batshit idea rolling around in your brain.

I spent my twenties in politics only to find that it was fulfilling half my passions. I do want to make sure that my generation has leadership in how our government functions. Except my service is something I feel is my duty, but I want my work to give me the same passion I feel when I speak of the floor the statehouse.

So many of my ideas have been recieved with incredulous looks as if what I am suggesting is madness. Maybe so. I love writing. I love film. I am working to build a platform to showcase both after teaching myself to code. Though that sense of entitlement you mention, its a beast.

I fight everyday against that sense, looking for ways to develop my skills. Thank you for sharing your passion. I may not start a $1 marketing agency but I’ve been kicking an idea around so crazy it just may work. It may not. Thats okay though, being able to accept the fact it could not work out frees a person from fear. It allows us to take action instead of standing paralyzed. That freedom is the closest to bliss I’ve come thus far. Getting out of your own way is one of the toughest aspects of success. When you do so, damn it feels good. Know what I mean?

I wish your more health, happiness, and success. I enjoy your articles immensely. Keep on rocking it.

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