VidCon Debrief

Only going to add yet another dissenting voice here VidCon; you had a set of rules, you agreed she broke them and not only once but TWICE and yet you apologize to her for breaking themt?

You know what I recommend for VidCon 2018? You create a dedicated area for men to go into and be screamed and abused by women since that’s in line with your policy somehow. You’ll make great money from it I’m sure and you can get some professionals in there to assist amateurs such as Anita to really stick it to someone like Boogie even though he was at fault for making Anita attack him by simply disagreeing on a topic.

Either way you’ve just lost another future visitor for failing to follow your own policy and allowing someone as innocent as Boogie get attacked without punishment and you apologising to the bully for the fact they “had to” bully someone…

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