Protecting and progressing projects during COVID-19

Or “How going on holiday helped me overhaul Nile’s approach to co-design planning”

Robyn Johnston, perfectly demonstrating our typical feelings after one of our old-style planning sessions. This new toolkit is a vast improvement. 📸 Photo: Jonty Fairless

This is a follow on article from my SDN Academy course.

We’ve created, tested, and refined a new co-design planning toolkit in Nile. And now we’re sharing it with the community.

It’s simple, visual, and the best one we’ve ever used. It lets us quickly collaborate on workshop plans, effectively coordinate objectives and collaboratively build activities and materials.

Not only that, it’s colourful, easy to digest for facilitators and stakeholders, and robust enough to use to drive the session itself.

So here are some of the things we learnt while building it. Read on to learn how it and can…

Protecting and progressing services during COVID-19

…and the five questions you need to ask yourself before you start talking to customers

Calum Macleod running a remote UX testing session on one of our client’s prototype services

Continuing on from Nile’s Guide to Remote Research Tools, here’s a lightweight guide to how we run remote moderated testing. I talk about UX testing throughout, but the tips below apply to any kind of remote interview-based research.

Lots of teams are slowing down their customer engagement at the moment — and that’s a good response to the crisis, for both research teams and potential participants.

While customer engagement is arguably more important than ever, we’re advising our clients to consider a few key questions before they embark on a period of customer testing — even something as seemingly uncontroversial…

Jonas Rauff Mortensen

I’m a senior service designer with a healthy obsession for making sense of complexity and rethinking how organisations produce, provide and capture value.

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