Git and Github for beginners

What is “Git”

The git command-line program

git version 2.20.1 (Apple Git-117)

Github Download and Configuration

Download and Setup Git
Configure Git on your computer

Essential Terminal commands

Jonass-MBP:~ jduri$ cd Documents
Jonass-MBP:Documents jduri$
Jonass-MBP:Documents jduri$ cd ..
Jonass-MBP:~ jduri$
Jonass-MBP:~ jduri$ ls
Applications Documents Desktop Downloads test.html
Jonass-MBP:Documents jduri$ pwd
Jonass-MBP:Documents jduri$

What is a “repository”


Create a new repository
Choose a name and a description
Copy the HTTPS URL of your repository

Clone the repository to your computer

Clone a repository to your computer


Install “Shell Command” for Visual Studio Code
User `code .` command from the terminal

Git & Visual Studio Code

Commit a file and upload your changes to Github
The blue (1) indicates that you have one change ready to commit
You can view your recent changes on Github

Pull code changes from Github.

Edit files on Github
Pull changes from Github


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