Why Hiring a UI/UX Designer Is a Bad Idea

You already have heard that saying regarding first impressions and how or why they are so important. You should consider this in hiring: The world nowadays revolve around the realm of the Internet. If you don’t believe me, you should think of the fact there are enough of pieces of information being consumed worldwide within the Internet world every 24 hours. When you tell yourself that, “Traffic is one thing, but I need sales, since you are one of those dollars-and-cents skeptics, you will be amazed to see that the global e-commerce market has also revolve in the Internet and because of this it was able to generate almost $2.5 million every minute of the day. It only implies that as far as the end on your customer-facing scheme with regards to your business, your paramount importance should be directed to your app or website. So, if you are the person who is looking to make hiring jobs that will help you improve the inward, as well as, the outward image of your business, your best bet should be hiring a good and talented digital designer. Hiring someone with real quality when it comes to actions, traits, and results, is a pretty good step in assuring that the website you have will stick out from the crowd.

The Digital Design Of Today

If you are the type of person who is always up on knowledge with regards to tech industry, you will come to know that the dipping of your feet into the world of digital design can be very convenient for your business. The reason for this is that more and more major league players are engaged in the tech industry that are definitely starting to make investments on their attention and time in achieving digital design, especially when it comes to the marketplaces for freelancers.

UX Designer

Consider the following in order to keep an eye on a betting candidate when you see one. Your hiring candidate should have a good and solid prototyping and wire framing skills. These skill are concerned more on the combination of quantitative and qualitative data that can build a strong and present-stage product. The reason on why hiring either a UX/UI Designer is that you should make sure that your candidate have certain specific tools for the job. If they don’t, then you probably have to hire more individuals or you will end up looking for another candidate again. You should always make sure to test the designer before offering him the job. See to it that he knows the tech industry more than you know it. An ability to explain the process in using sound technical backing can be a very good add-on in considering whether you need to hire that person or not.

UI Designer

While UX and UI designers may some of similar skills, they pretty much bring different set of tools to your business. The biggest difference between the two is that UI designers have a front-end coding and development skills because of the fact that they are the ones responsible in building pieces on your website. Since both are closely related you have to determine one from the other. You can do this by asking them to lay down their cards regarding their skills. Again, because of the fact that both are closely related, it is not rare for the UI designers to possess some of the solid features in understanding the consumer psychology relating to functionality and aesthetics. To determine this, you need to ask technical and specific questions that can test their knowledge on the concepts of call to action, atomic design, color theory, and aesthetic usability effect.

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