The Unknown Cloud

Be part of the largest global art installation ever created

20.04 CET on September 8th 2018

About the global art installation

The Unknown Cloud in Berlin. (Lundahl & Seitl)

This is how you create you own Beacon of Hope

  • Invite a group of your friends to gather on September 8th at half an hour before 20:04 (Central European Time). Find your corresponding local time here in case you are in a different time zone.
  • Every participant needs a mobile phone and headphones/earplugs.
  • Each participant needs to download the Unknown Cloud Caretaker app. You can install on iOS or Android.
  • We all blast the social medias with pictures or video from our Beacons, making this the largest flashmob and art installation ever created (to our knowledge).
Unknown Cloud in India. Photo: Sarlongkiri Ingti (Lee Eh Kiri)



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