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The Unknown Cloud

Be part of the largest global art installation ever created

20.04 CET on September 8th 2018

You can participate where ever you are in the world.
Find out your local time when the Unknown Cloud arrives.

(If you are in Sweden, we are igniting the Beacon of Hope with a bit of collective magic at 19:30 at Ulvhälls Hällar in Strängnäs. Most welcome to participate!)

About the global art installation

On the 8th of September, the day before the general election in Sweden —
in a world threatened by fear, darkness and separation — we ignite a Beacon of hope and send it through the Unknown Cloud — to every Beacon across the globe.

See below how you create your own Beacon of Hope and participate in the global art installation.

Unknown Cloud is a nomadic global phenomenon formed by flashmobs of people experiencing it at different locations worldwide simultaneously. By sharing live imagery from your Beacon on social medias, you are a part of making this into one big flashmob as a manifestation of global connection against a world threatened by fear and separation.

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The Unknown Cloud in Berlin. (Lundahl & Seitl)

This is how you create you own Beacon of Hope

You and your group need to join the Unknown Cloud Community on Qwids. At the Unknown Cloud Community you will find all Missions to accept and conclude which will enable you to be part of the global network of Beacons.

Join the Unknown Cloud Community Facebook Group.

Mission: Share this inspirational video about The Unknown Cloud.
Mission: Share this page to let your friends know how it works.

Mission: Create your own Unknown Cloud Beacon Group.

Mission: Download the Unknown Cloud app and share a link.

Mission: Livestream video or share pictures from your Beacon in real-time on the 8th of September in the Unknown Cloud Facebook Group.

(For each of the Missions concluded you will earn The Unknown Cloud tokens (TUC) which are community tokens for which you will be able to pick up on special offers from The Unknown Cloud Community.)

Most welcome to this large manifestation of hope!
The Caretakers of The Unknown Cloud

Unknown Cloud on its way to connect the Beacons of Hope

Believe me when I say that the Cloud,
even if you cannot see it,
is able to interact with your thoughts,
to give you abilities you normally would not have.

The Caretaker

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Unknown Cloud in India. Photo: Sarlongkiri Ingti (Lee Eh Kiri)

The Beacons of Hope are brought to you by Lundahl & Seitl, Qwids, Tellafoto, Niklas Salkini Karlsson,, BitJoin and Ulvhälls Hällar.

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