My Dream Team

How to create meaningful meaningful businesses and brands. Wanna play?

The problem with assembling a dream team is that you never know in advance if it’s going to work out. Now I don’t mean simply be functional and be able to do the work we aim to do. No, I mean that particular, special, almost magical kind of quality that makes you feel like you can accomplish something extraordinary. Often you do. Once you have experienced that, you want it to be this way all the time. Impossible maybe, it’s like wanting to turn every day into your birthday. Maybe these are qualities you just can’t plan for, you can only humbly wish for them.

But I’m not that patient I’m afraid! And I have created a model and a theory I really want to put to the test. It is the Heart, Body & Aura model. This is a brand development model, but yet it’s more than that — it’s a holistic business development model and it carries a theory about where excellence happens. In all its’ simplicity it’s actually quite profound. It’s about existentialism.

”Existentialism?” you may ask, ”are you going to go Kirkegaard on me?” Although I do admit there is plenty of inspiration to be found from these masters, sitting under the stars and asking yourself the question ”Who am I?” is quite different from having a clear picture of why your company and brand exists.

The model works like this; the Heart is about understanding why your actions are meaningful. The Body is to build a purposeful business model and the Aura is about charisma and being expressive. The business logic of this is that combined this creates an authentic and genuine company that attracts shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees for what the company actually is and not because what it pretends to be.

Now back to my dream team. Maybe you should be part of it, that’s why I am writing this. Because just like with the Heart, Body & Aura the magic happens in how they are connected. This is a little difficult to explain but my fundamental belief is that excellent quality happens in between people. Kind of like Iceland, Wales and even Portugal in the recent European Championship. The team is better than the sum of its’ parts. The trick is to enable different kinds of players to work together.

The Heart of my model needs to be developed or refined by people with high emotional intelligens, empathy and curiosity. I could add creativity as well but this is true for all three parts. The Body asks for people who excel at systematic thinking, a capacity for construction and holistic logic. And thirdly, the Aura needs the virtuoso, the expressive storytellers and those quite literally able to wear the Heart on a sleeve. Once we build on each other’s strengths, with mutual trust, together with a mirroring team from inside our client’s organisation then I know every day can feel like it’s Friday.

The result will be a living, breathing, exuberant and profuse company and brand, prepared to take on the world in a genuine and transparent way. Maybe this is even your company.

Wanna play?

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