Printing Giants

One World Trade Center (left), from the ground.

I’m fascinated with architecture. I relish the sight of a dramatic skyline- the personality of a city plastered onto the canvas sky. This is one reason that I love New York City. It’s buildings make up the tallest in the Western hemisphere and the space between them are minimal. It’s a concentrated graphic of human expanse on top of the Earth’s surface. In NYC, there is the One World Trade Center. It’s a gorgeous, super-tall, glass skyscraper that was opened in 2014. This building was my muse to print out in 3D form.

My replica in Rhino.

The geometry of this building is somewhat of an illusion. What looks like a normal four sided skyscraper is actually eight sided, but neither the top nor base is an octagon. As I was trying to recreate the geometry in Rhino, I realized I still have a lot of skills to gain in the program. Though, I was able to replicate the shape in a less complex way. The shape is similar, though the geometry of the real building displays eight sides, my replica shows four. I realized how I can make it, I just need to have more time in Rhino to figure out exactly how to make the shapes fall into place.

My mini replica.

It’s now my goal to get the geometry down in Rhino so I can print a realistic replica of One World Trade Center. It’s really cool being able to physically hold the replica in my hand- what towered over me, now I hold in my palm. Maybe one day I can visit New York again with my miniature replica and have a fun photoshoot!

One idea that I have is creating wearable products that are replications of iconic buildings like this one. Pieces of jewelry, prints on shirts, keychains, etc. Or things to have around the house like a candle and you can watch it melt away, or something more sculptural like a coat hanger, or art piece. I’m sure it’s been done, though the concept is fun.