For the last nine months, our team of three has delved into the problem space of emotional intelligence. We are creating an app that helps to build emotional resilience over time by normalizing a full range of emotions. Throughout researching and building a product to help one understand their emotions I was invited into a new way of thinking about my own emotions and how I handle them. If anything, I am positive now that emotional intelligence is a foundational form of communication that affects all aspects of my life.

Now for an analogy. My car is a disaster. The…

Earlier this year, we were asked to design an alarm clock that solved a few key issues for users– anxiety around getting to sleep, provide an alternative to a “snooze” button, and foster a regular sleeping schedule. The problem I set out to solve was effectively transitioning people into sleeping or waking head-spaces while living a busy modern lifestyle. Below is an overview of the product I designed to address this problem and these key issues in the form of an alarm clock app.

My goals for the project:

  1. Discourage anxiety around getting to sleep
  2. Provide strategies to counter restless nights
  3. Foster a regular sleeping…

Home screen for the app.

During one of our week long sprints, we were asked to create a member rewards program within an app experience to increase concession sales at DEN airport. The ask came with many hurdles, such as non-consistent POS systems across the vendors, a need to equally represent each vendor, and pair with the current content strategy of DEN.

It was a good, hard week with my group but we ended with a strong and compelling solution. Here is a look into our process and solution.

As a cohort, we have come around the final turn and we are just a few strides from crossing the finish line. Things have started to settle, the amount of projects I have is decreasing, I’m not as busy as I was in the thick of grad school. The decrease in workload is allowing me to reflect on this past year, making me desperate to grasp onto the kernels of knowledge that I’ve discovered along the way before I leave.

Here are a few of them:

This isn’t about me.

This was something that became very clear to me in our spring semester. I…

I’ve hitchhiked once — it was fun, and it felt like a bond had been formed with the people who picked me up. There was a generosity and a trust from them onto me, who was a total stranger. I liked this concept, and so I went ahead and tried to make an app that cultivates the act of getting in the car with a stranger, or allowing a stranger into your car. Like Uber and Lyft, but for road trips.

Sidecar is a conceptual app that I designed after I had moved to CO. I drove alone and I…

As I have been finishing the series and my year long Master’s design program at CMCI Studio, I kept noticing the correlation between the two worlds of advertising in the 60’s and design happening today. These are a few of the highlights.

1. Imposter Syndrome Can be Beaten

Peggy Olsen, killing it.

If anyone from the show understands “imposter syndrome” it is Peggy Olsen. Peggy’s storyline was possibly the most compelling of the show’s. But what made her so compelling was how she beat the odds and fought back any imposter syndrome she faced.

Designers today, me included, consistently shred themselves and their abilities down to strips because of self-doubt…

As a group, we have been spent 7 months creating a product that can help younger generations manage their emotions in positive ways. Now we are beginning to put a face to the product and it’s proving to be a challenge. Emotions are subjective and they are culturally associated. Emotions, as expected, are hard to visually define. Here is a short snippet into the steps we have made thus far.

V1. A Quick Brand to Get us Through

Earlier in the year, we were asked to pitch our product to a set of judges a the New Venture Challenge in Boulder Colorado. We hadn’t seen begun to create…

In the month of May, I worked alongside my classmates as we delved into three weeks of one-week long design sprints. Each Monday we were presented with a new client and problem. Deliverables included a full-fledged solution for each of the clients by Friday. It was a tiring and rewarding three weeks. Here’s what I learned.

Assurance Never Happens

Each week we needed to come up with realistic solution that we needed to pitch to the client. We had five days to come up with our design, story, and pitch. It isn’t a lot of time. Design so often gets stuck in rumination…

Lately, it feels like I keep getting hit with the fact that story trumps all. Each critique, lesson, advice — it’s all been leading me to believe that the ability to create a story for people to believe in is the ultimate tool in design. At first, I thought if I made something pretty, look cool, people would want it. I guess that isn’t true.

Last week, I was asking for feedback on a brand guide I was creating for a startup tech company specializing in filtering terms and agreements for people and businesses to easily understand. I spent A…

When I first began to explore VR, I wanted to create something that practiced emotional intelligence. When thinking about all of the ways that I could go about doing that, it didn’t seem like the most engaging way to go about an emotional experience in VR. One thing that I have always wanted to see in a VR experience is music. Music is full of emotions– it’s why we love it so much. For those of us who don’t go to counseling, we listen to right song. It’s cathartic in powerful ways.

Deciding on using music in a VR experience…

Jonas Escobedo

Visual and Product Design @CMCI Studio | Boulder, CO

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