Hello New York

Today, with the support of our board, shareholders & management team, I’m excited to tell you that the Dubsmash team will be moving to the United States by the end of the summer.

With a network of over 150M registered users (a large portion of them of them being in the United States) and more than 100k new people signing up every day, we’ve built a community of content lovers around the globe. After launching our network last year, we’re seeing 70% of the videos now shared inside Dubsmash, versus 5% a mere 6 months ago and see over 100M videos consumed on the platform every month. Above all else, however, we’re seeing that users around the world are falling in love with the content, creating 13 videos on the platform, every single second.

With all of the momentum however, we have been unable to find experienced talent to help us for our next stage of growth and deliver a superior product to our user base. Scaling our business in Berlin has been a challenge and as much as we wanted to make it work, it’s been incredibly difficult.

Over the summer, we’ll be transitioning folks from our Berlin office to our new office in Brooklyn and scaling up the team there in all functions. Unfortunately we will be winding down our operations in Berlin. As an early-stage startup, the difficulty of managing a team across continents is too high. Additionally, the reality of today’s immigration environment makes it difficult to secure visas for our international team, and we can’t bring them along for the rest of the journey. We’ll be working closely with them to ensure their transition is smooth and as pain-free as possible. Our team will be working closely with them to make sure they can transition in a graceful way to their next opportunities. I want to thank you everyone deeply for being a part of this journey, knowing full well that we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

Here’s to the next era of Dubsmash in the United States!