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Jonas Ellison
Apr 15, 2015 · Unlisted

Hey, I’m Jonas.

ou’re in a hurry. And you want to know what I do. Here’s the short version…

I help people unleash their human potential (without being douchey about it). As a psycho-spiritual, transformative coach/writer, I help people awaken to the Creative Superpowers inside of them in a humorous, heartfelt fashion. I aim to awaken both the divinity and humanity of everyone who comes into contact with my words.

How ‘bout some bullets (because everyone on the internet loves bullets, right?)…

Jonas’ Unofficial Bio

  • Although I consider myself ‘spiritual’, I’m not ‘religious’. I don’t believe in some old dude named ‘God’ who lives in the clouds (although, I must say, the assholes who invented him did give him a pretty epic beard).
  • I drink a shitload of coffee, let my kid watch too much TV, and growl loudly at people in traffic (yes, I grit my teeth and fucking growl at them).
  • I’m a social introvert. This means I’d love to hang out with you, just please don’t invite me to your party unless you don’t mind me clinging to you all evening until I make up an excuse to have to leave.
  • Although I’m a flawed human, I live a generally awake, alive, aware, happy life — which is saying a lot if you know my backstory.
  • I really hate calling myself a ‘coach’, but since that’s the clearest term for it, I’ll have to begrudgingly submit to the label.

Why I do what I do…

  • I want to live in a world with better fathers.
  • I want to hang out with more spiritual, (but not superstitious) people. I enjoy being around those who are incredibly self-aware and who find the world around them undyingly interesting.
  • I want to help people realize that even though life can be kinda shitty, we can still laugh, love, and live fully in the face of it.
  • I want people to reach their Creative potential, not necessarily because they want to be professional creatives, but so they see that they ARE Creatives (with a capital ‘C’) by birthright.

If you’ve read enough, be well, and thanks for stopping in. If you feel compelled to, reach out to me here.

But if you’re having fun and are ready for the backstory, hang tight…

aybe you know me from my daily blog on Medium where I write about spiritual, philosophical, practical, whimsical, and creative matters. Today, the publication has grown a readership of 30,000+ people and has been translated in 3 languages (yes, yes, I’m super proud of it, okay, sheesh).

My inner-journey started at age 16 when I lost my mom to cancer and started sifting through the typical existential questions one is faced with when something that traumatic happens at such a young age. I was also raised around a lot of poverty and addiction.

As unfortunate as this may have been, it forced me to think differently than my peers...

How can I get out of this shit-storm and live differently?
Why do we impose so much pain and suffering on ourselves and loved ones? What are we doing here on this spinning ball?

In my early twenties, I found my way to books about human potential and spirituality. Soon, my inner landscape started shifting. Even though it took me a decade to realize it, a life-path was set. I started experiencing moments of Oneness with life. I never reached a state of extreme spiritual satori (and likely won’t in this lifetime), but I’ve eventually become a happier, calmer, better-to-be-around human.

The quest has never ended. Even though I still fart, cuss, spit, and don’t clean up after myself as much as I should, my feet are carrying me along this path farther than I ever thought possible.

o, here we are today. I write. I sometimes work with people one-on-one or in small groups and am building up the courage to speak in front of large crowds without losing all bodily function. I throw small but powerful events focused on boosting self-awareness, creativity, and spiritual growth (like the time I held a journaling workshop for men in my dining room — yes, I lured them in with whiskey, but many a tear was shed and a breakthrough was made that evening)…

Look at us go…

I’ve contributed to several publications such as The Huffington Post,The New York Observer, No Sidebar, The Gift of Writing and The Daily Dot.

On a more personal note, over a decade ago, I met the girl of my dreams, married her, and followed her to Chicago while she finished college (yep, I married the smart one). We moved back home a few years later and had a really cute (but very feisty) little girl. Now we live in the eastern shadows of the Sierra Nevada mountains where we drink too much coffee and try to take over the world from our laptops.

(See, here’s us looking all happy and stuff…)

In closing

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And if there’s anything else I can do for you and/or yours, get at me here. Maybe we can have a long conversation and go deep on some stuff you’ve been wanting to dive into.

As Ever,

Jonas Ellison
Reno, NV

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