Despite a critical financial situation, I knew it was useless to weigh myself further down with…

Gayle — I think it’s useful to flip it. I truly believe that our natural state is ‘okay’. Then, through many years of social conditioning and misunderstood thinking, we pile on layer and layer of self-defeating thought that conceals our ‘okayness’. But here’s the good news: Thought is not physical form. Unlike mounds of physical dirt, it doesn’t take days, weeks, months, years, lifetimes to shovel it away. It only takes an instant, if we allow it. Just like waking up from a dream that, moments before, was as real as this keyboard in front of me.

I hope this helps, Gayle. There really is nothing to do. The problem is, we’ve been doing too much, just in the wrong direction. If we let off on our stinkin’ thinkin’, it lifts like fog:)

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