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I’m fully with you as far as the kind of personal development that’s targeted towards ‘secrets to productivity, success, and wealth’.

I guess you could call what I write about ‘personal development’, but I’ve hardly ever written about those 3 things. To me, that topic is entirely overdone.

In my writing, I really do try to, as you say, celebrate life, creativity, and the human condition. I write these posts as meditations to myself, not as fluff to dole out to the masses. And I want to write more stories. The fiction muscle is something I need to work on, for sure.

But I think the reason the ‘personal development’ stuff ‘works’ so well on Medium is because it’s so easy to scan and consume at a busy environment (which a majority of Medium readers happen to be in for most of their day).

At my day job, for example, it’s frustrating to read fiction because I’m constantly pulled away from the story. I’d rather read a story at home with ample amounts of coffee and a chunk of time blocked off to enjoy it. Which explains why fiction works so well in a book.

Medium readers consist mainly of people who are looking for something to read during their few minutes of down time in their day. When they get home, they’ll crack open a book, but during their day, they want quicker, easily digestible content. Which doesn’t bode well for long-form fiction.

However, if we had a community of awesome fiction writers (I’m talking quality here, like your stuff, White Feather — seriously), this could change. And I’d love to see it.