About four years ago we founded Airtame — with the promise to unwire the professional world of screen cables. And don’t get me wrong, I think that we can all agree on the fact that cables (of any kind) suck. No matter whether they are the source of lost collaboration time in a meeting or classroom or they are trying to choke us while we listen to Spotify on our phones. But the problem is obvious* and ‘solving cables’ is only a means to an end for us.

*People want ‘wireless’ as much as they want ‘beer’

Wirelessly transmitting (visual)…

When you type ‘management’ into Google, the first result reads:
“the process of dealing with or controlling things or people.”
My God that sounds awful. ‘Dealing with something’ is almost always not fun. It’s likely something annoying or problematic. ‘Controlling’ is not any better. It screams distrust and incompetence. No wonder the word has a poor sound to it.

We need a new way to think about ‘management.’ And I have chosen the game of tennis to help us with that. I hope this will give you a new framework to think about how to lead and empower people. …

Thanks to Christina Hanna

A little more than a year ago I read Brian Halligan’s great post about his scale-up leadership lessons over 9 years as HubSpot’s CEO. It’s an awesome read and I recommend everyone to go check it out. In it I was introduced to The Bus Analogy (which assumably originates from Jim Collins’ Good to Great). And as Brian writes, it goes something like this:

A leader has 3 responsibilities that are akin to a bus. First, the leader must have a clear set of directions in mind on where the bus is headed. Second, the leader must have the right…

Jonas Gyalokay

CEO & Co-founder @Airtame

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