iGEM Wiki Web Workshop 1

Jonas Johansson
Jul 10 · 11 min read

What is a wiki? 🙋

A website or database developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content.

Getting started

Editing the page!


What happens in <html> stays in </html>

<div class="column full_size">
<marquee>I was cool in the 90s!!</marquee>

I did it my way…

Sublime editor with line numbers, syntax highlighting and intending
<h1>Hello iGEM world!</h1>

I got 99 problems but creating a page ain’t one

Now sissy that walk!

p { color: red; } // this will make all paragraphs red!
.column { width: 400px; }

Prototyping the wiki

Introducing Markdown

Screenshot of our Notion page for the wiki

Debugging 🐛

Bonus 🎉 Password protect your wiki 🔐

div#content.hidden {
display: none;
var content = document.querySelector('#content');
var pw = '1234';
var access = prompt('Enter password');
if (access == pw) {
} else {
window.alert('Wrong password 😥');






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