I think that I am withdrawing from my anti-psychotic medication, because I feel like absolute shit. My head hurts and I am seeing tracers everywhere I look. I hope that I don’t stay in this condition for too long.

Today I felt a substantial spike in my anxiety. The fucked up thing is that I feel more normal when I am absolutely borderline panicking. So the whole feel of today was a weird mix of emotions and feelings.

I cannot wait til the day comes, when I can walk outside and feel the fresh air on my face, when I can feel the sun and my surroundings.

I am frustrated, because my mother expects me to get up and start being highly functional. I just moved out here recently and I don’t know my surroundings yet. This is a very big struggle for me, because I feel that I don’t have freedom of movement yet.

I hope that I gain the motivation to get out there and start doing something soon.

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