Video Prototype — OneBusAway

A5: Video Prototype, HCDE 498


For this assignment, we are tasked with creating a product demo video for a transportation application. I decided to go with OneBusAway because I use the application a lot and is the one I am most familiar with.

The main goal of OneBusAway is that it allows users to check out when buses are coming from any stop with the convenience of a smartphone application. The bus times are also very accurate because it uses data that is updated real time so it’s more accurate than the set schedules.

My scenario is to show a person in multiple scenarios that makes taking the bus frustrating or a hassle.

These scenarios are:

  • A person trying to figure out what bus to take to get to their destination and having trouble.
  • A person waiting for their bus and it’s not on time (too early or too late)
  • A person barely missing their bus and running after it

Then after showing these scenarios it will show the same person using the application, and showing the interface.


First storyboard, I planned on doing a comparison between a person using the application and a person who isn’t. I decided not to do this one.
This is the storyboard I decided to film. It’s a person using the app after going through different frustrating scenarios with the bus.


I thought the assignment as a whole was great and it was fun, what I had trouble on was time, my video definitely could have had more content and had higher quality if I was able to have more time filming and gathering actors. I also could have done more video editing but I was new to it. I do think my video was straight to the point and was effective in showing why the application is needed. In the future, maybe I could give more of an explanation on how to use the application instead of showing the interface of someone using it.

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