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When You Feel Alone, Find The Courage To Be Yourself

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When I was depressed, I started to read and learn about psychology. It quickly snowballed into similar fields, like self-help, lifeadvice, happiness and different philosophical perspectives on life. I exsposed myself to people that had a voice in those fields. Psychologists, motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, and so on.

I was getting input, but I kept it to myself. I felt like the things I learned were so wierd and different. No one I knew, had ever uttered something similar to it. I had never gotten any input on these things before. And it was strange, because I found these things to be very interesting. Maybe it was the stigma, I don’t know.

It took me about a year before I finally had the courage to share my opinions with others... I had of course shared some things with my identical twin, but that was still a very closed environment.

I started to get the courage to share my opinions, as I kept searching, and kept exposing myself to this new information. I was surrounding myself with people that had similar ideas and perspectives about life, and it was very comforting. It was good to know there were others like me.

I needed their courage. I needed the reassurance that other people was somewhat similar to me. Because, I didn’t want to poke my neck out, being the only one. I didn’t want to be singeled out. I was afraid.

As I write this now, and have been in the community for a while, I start to realize that I have to poke my neck out. That’s something the community has thought me. Do things that you want to do, even if no one else is doing them. The great thing is that, as you start to share your opinions, you discover that people close to you has similar thoughts as well. You are not alone. The stigma surrounding these topics lessens if you keep giving them a voice. Have the courage to do so. I support you.

You can start with finding like-minded people. The internet has made that easy for us. We should be greatful for that opportunity, and make use of it. To find others, simply browse social media, and search the internet. You might be surprised to find ther’s a lot of people similar to you. If you read this, you might even be similar to me.

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