Why you shouldn’t rely on others for happiness.

Being emotionally dependent on other people can really make your life miserable. If that person fails to make you happy, you will become disapointed, and frustrated. Happiness from others, is not very reliable. 

What I try to get across here, is that you should be your own source of happiness, in a way that you don’t need anyone beside yourself to be happy. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get happy and excited to be around other people, but that you shouldn’t depend on it. You have to realize that happiness can ONLY come from the inside. Nobody can actually make you happy, it’s just that you’ve probably associated others with happiness, love, and care, from when you were growing up. 

Example: do you look for a romantic partner, only in order to be really happy? Love and relationships are wonderful things, but you shouldn’t forget your own happiness, and put all your eggs in that "relationship basket". I know that I did this to some degree, back when I had a girlfriend. This was actually at the same time as I was depressed too, and I guess relying on her happiness was an easy thing to do… but nonetheless, I know how it is. It sucks when that other person let’s you down. 

Therefore, you should first look inside for happiness. Get comfortable with yourself. Then, you should share your happiness with others, and hopefully they’ll share with you. Sharing happiness makes life great!