The self-proclaimed title of “Start-up Nation” is only part of the story of the technology boom in Israel. From maturing investor expectations to wealth inequality and the challenge of building an inclusive society, the future of Israel’s technology economy is undergoing a re-invention. This re-invention means changing the dream. Not everyone can or should be an entrepreneur.

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I recently visited a number of Israeli venture capital firms and incubators meeting with over 25 start-ups based out of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as part of a research tour I was helping to lead. …

The multiverse is not progressive science. Falsifiable alternatives may be disastrous for quantum computing.

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I AM NOT A MATHEMATICIAN, physicist or even a cosmologist, but I do know logic. I spend a good deal of time thinking about complex problems and something doesn’t quite add up. What doesn’t add up is the fashionable notion that there is a multiverse. As well as being unscientific, a scientific alternative to the multiverse may end up having drastic consequences on the viability of quantum computing.

So what is the multiverse?

Let’s go with cosmologist Max Tegmark’s definition. …

Complex problem-solving is difficult. For a start it involves thinking and thinking for problem-solving in itself can be hard. Wrap it up in the context of a complex problem with many inputs, many moving parts and many critics the difficulty level goes up exponentially.

We live in an age where innovation and thought leadership are prized, but we are never explicitly taught how to solve problems to support innovation and thought leadership. We are taught narrow methods of problem-solving and left to pick up the rest.

What we can learn from philosophy is the sequence of observation, intuition, and logic…

Virtual Reality (VR) is here to stay and the technology will only become more of an integral part of our lives. For immersive experiences, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR and a host of other products are vying for our attention. It’s not difficult to imagine a future where we spend a high proportion of our time in virtual realities for both work and leisure. As VR technologies become more sophisticated and immersive, their long-term impact raises the questions of what is reality and are we in danger of losing a grip on it?

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Other realities

POPULARISED BY MOVIES such as The Matrix and…

Musk’s quote, “Artificial Intelligence is Mankind’s biggest threat” paints a picture of a Terminator-esque future where the rise of the machines could be Mankind’s undoing. What does he know that we don’t? Let’s find out by asking him the question:

“Hey Elon, I was super interested to hear your views on AI. How do you think we will achieve a level of digital superintelligence, as you call it, that represents a threat to Mankind?”

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As SIMPLE AS THIS QUESTION IS, I will probably never get to ask it to Musk. However, his choice of words when he talks about AI…

Jon Ellard

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