Leave Facebook. Leave Twitter.

wow thats a lot of facebooks

For a long time, keeping in touch with family, friends, and brands was worth the slime that poked out every now and then.

But this is a boiling frog situation. It is absolutely no longer worth it.

👎 Leave Facebook.

🍗 Leave Twitter.

These websites are too evil to justify staying. Share your baby pictures and plan your parties somewhere else. Even with the best spin you can put on them, these are still websites that manipulate what they show you just so they can advertise to you.

Don’t wait for a mass migration to Ello, Diaspora, or Mastodon. It will never happen unless people close accounts.

(Here’s a guide to Mastodon, where I’m personally trying to get folks to migrate.)

Choose a day and pledge to deleting your accounts on that day. (I’m going with December 31st.) Tell people why. Share this piece. Get them to come with you. Be obnoxious.

Do it today.