That is strange, so now securing our open borders, believing in traditional marriage, and being pro…
De'Pussy Galore

You should be in Trumps cabinet. People is not against security or anything you say, but other people use this rhetoric to validate themselves. Everyone has the right to live by a traditional marriage, but that should not interfere with the rights of the LGBT community. You are saying half truths.

Security shall never be used as excuse to harass people based on their looks.

For those who don’t comprende: white American citizens are far more rape-y than Mexicans can ever hope to become. Yet the lies about hordes of Mexican rapists perpetuated by Trump, Coulter and Schumer and so many others persist because they’re just engaging in good ol’ American paranoia about purity and the perpetual menace south of the border.
In Mexicans, Americans have a group of people on which to project their racial fears for the future. Congressman John C. Box said it best in 1930 when he told the House Immigration and Naturalization Committee, “No other alien race entering America provides an easier channel for the intermixture of blood than does the mongrel Mexican…their presence and intermarriage with both white and black races…create the most insidious and general mixture of white, Indian and negro blood strains ever produced in America.”

See? If you read a little then you can be schooled. I know this do not fit you way of thinking, but at least I will know I tried…

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