A Faster and More Flexible Home Page that Delivers the News Readers Want
The Times Open Team

Some years ago you introduced the mobile app. I hated it and wrote in to request that the option to view the regular desktop homepage be restored. I was amazed when that actually happened. For the last few years I have been happy again, being able to scan the whole front page on my iPhone just by using my fingers, zooming in on headlines, brief summaries and bylines to decide what I wanted to read, and then quickly clicking on my choice.

Now you’ve gone and removed that freedom of choice again! If there are people who like having everything pre-digested in priority in a long column as the app has always had it, fine, they’ve always had that option. But please, return the option of scanning the front page on my phone and making my own choices to me. It’s just like reading the paper, and that’s why I have subscribed for all these years. I don’t like the Washington Post’s format, which you seem to be copying. The newspaper of record should lead and continue giving its readers the freedom to make more informed choices.