It’s premature to draw conclusions about the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Months or years will pass before we understand the virus’ root causes, its full impact, and the effectiveness of the various attempts to control it. That said, current events continue to provide lessons about the way in which we go about our personal and professional lives, during both normal and exceptional times. This is perhaps especially true for people who design, engineer, and manufacture medical devices.

As medical teams around the world deal with the healthcare crisis caused by the virus, medical device manufacturers face parallel challenges as they attempt…

As COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues spreading across the globe, more individuals and institutions must decide how they’ll respond to the virus. Determining effective response protocols and practices is a complex task that falls to medical and public health professionals across the globe. However, communicating a selected response plan is often the responsibility of institutions such as businesses, schools, and public organizations that might not have experience conveying safety-critical information.

Effective medical and public health policies are the primary factors in controlling the virus’ spread and in treating those who are affected by it. However, ineffective communication of procedures and plans can…

Jonathan Kendler

User interface designer and human factors engineer specializing in healthcare-related products. President of Curiolis, Inc. (

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